At North American Sales Associates, we offer our services as an active partner in
every phase of your companies marketing development.
Our past experience gives us
the insight necessary to help you streamline a program to the specific needs of each customer. From advertising and sales promotion to product development and package design, we offer the expertise necessary to deliver the most profitable program for your company.

At North American Sales Associates, we pride ourselves on having a close understanding of
the long term merchandising direction
of our customers. Our relationships with key players in the retail community, combined with personal experience, give us the advantage of interpreting your program from the buyer’s perspective.

As the face of retailing continues to undergo change, so too must the services provided by manufacturer’s representatives. At North American Sales Associates, we look towards
the future with a vision of a new breed of representation.
Service can never be compromised and honest communication between the manufacturer and the customer must be a priority. An aggressive and creative sales approach will be the key to long-term growth and partnership. Advanced technology in computing and telecommunications must be the standard. These elements, combined with a solid understanding of the merchandising direction of each customer, will be vital tools in maximizing your sales.