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North American Sales Associates, Inc. is an organization made up of sales professionals
who have built a reputation for consistently producing winning results.
Working as a marketing partner with our vendor partners, we provide a full range of planning, sales and merchandising services.

North American Sales Associates represents a limited number of fine companies which results in higher
call frequencies and significant sales increases.

Founded in 1987, North American Sales Associates, Inc. brings to you years of experience and success.
We fully understand the retail trade in Illinois, Northern Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin,
and have established trade relationships that are second to none. From chain headquarters to the retail store level, we contact the key decision makers—building sales, distribution and confidence for our vendor partners’ products.

North American Sales Associates is a total sales organization which can provide in-depth, retail store detailing
for maximum sales results. North American Sales Associates is dedicated to providing superior implementation
of retail support programs.